GWR 1113 Dean Parcel Van as Travelling Generator Van K15/ K29 to M32
Swindon 25.5.57
David Rouse/GWR 813 Fund

GWR Coach & Brown Vehicles Diagrams

A: Bogie First Class

B: Bogie Second Class

C: Bogie Third Class

D: Bogie Brake Third

E: Bogie Composite

F: Slip

G: Saloon

H: Catering Vehicle

J: Sleeping Car

K: Brake Van

L: Mail Van

M: Bogie Parcels Van

N: Horse Box

O: Milk Van

P: Carriage Truck

Q: Inspection Saloon

R: Saloon

S: Caterig Vehicle

T: Sleeping Car

U: Composite

V: Brake Van

W: Parcels Van

Telegraphic Code Names

Beetle: Special Cattle Truck

Bloater: Covered Fish Truck

Catox: Cattle Box

Chafer: Invalid Carriage

Chintz: Family Carriage

Chub: Third Saloon

Cricket: Composite Carriage

Emmett: Brake Third Carriage

First: First Class Carriage

Gnat: Slip Coach

Giant: Scenery Truck

Gnat: Slip Coach

Hydra: Well Truck for Road Vehicles

Melon: Brake Third Carriage

Mex: Cattle Wagon

Monster: Scenery Truck

Paco: Horse Box

Python: Covered Carriage Truck

Scorpion: Carriage Truck

Siphon: Milk Van

Snake: Passenger Brake Van

Termite: Third Class Carriage